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October Newsletter


Dear THRC family,

As summer comes to a close and fall begins, it makes me reflect on the things I am thankful for from these past few months. Despite the chaos that still exists in our world, my family and I have chosen to be grateful for the time we were able to spend with each other. We have made the choice to be thankful to be able to invest back into our health and happiness during “quarantine.”

Everyday I choose to think positively about my life and the choices I get to make. As a team at THRC, we focus on embracing the power of positive thinking for both ourselves and our members. I would like to share with you, our FitFamily, a few of the basic principles of the power of positivity we teach our new team members during our cultural onboarding.

There are only three things you can control in life: your attitude, your effort and your actions. You have the power to choose your attitude.  In any situation, there will always be a positive. As tempting as it is to dwell on the negative during uncertain times, you have the power to choose happiness. The actions you take and the effort you put forward towards positivity in your life are crucial to your happiness and health.  I challenge each of you to choose the positive daily and feed the actions and efforts that bring you happiness.  

Surround yourself with people who add to the positivity in your life and stop allowing space for the things that make you unhappy.  One of the reasons I started Texas Health & Racquet Club is because I love to be around people who are actively making themselves better.  It brings me joy to be a contribution to someone else’s health and happiness.  We strive to make sure our staff makes your visit to THRC the brightest part of your day.

Inactivity and negativity are two sides of the same coin. Both harm your mental well being, inhibit growth and are prevalent in our society.  We constantly have to make the choice to eliminate both of these in our daily lives. We get the option as people to be positive and do something to make ourselves and the world around us a better place. I hope each of you takes a few minutes today to incorporate some positive energy into your life.

As the season changes, choose to change your mindset. Surround yourself with positive people and embrace the daily choices that make you happy. Welcome the power of positivity into your life this fall.  

Yours in happiness and health,
Randall Lavender