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For the past three years, Texas Health and Racquet Club has had a Nutrition Challenge. Our nutrition challenge is a 4-week program that challenges individuals to eat clean, get the proper amount of sleep, exercise, and much more components of being “healthy.”

Within the month of February, members of the gym have focused on eating clean and working out. To begin the challenge, members are required to take an InBody Test. This test measures the person’s body fat (in pounds and percentages), lean muscle mass, and skeletal muscle mass. It also breaks down the person’s body segment into right arm, left arm, right leg, left leg, and trunk. This is the way we track the participants’ physical progress. The InBody shows you “what you are made of” and is one of the most accurate systems to break down your body weight and muscle mass.

Once the InBody Test is completed, members are given packets explaining to them what the Nutrition Challenge entails. Included in the packet is a point log in which each member is responsible of keeping track of the points they earn each week. The points are earned by drinking half their body weight in ounces, getting 6 hours of sleep, working out either strength or cardio, and eating clean. Members are given the opportunity to earn 2 extra points by participating in the workout of the week (W.O.W) and/or attending the Learn & Burn class (talk about nutrition for 30 minutes and working out for 30 minutes). The major goals and benefits that members achieve during the Nutrition Challenge is losing weight and gaining muscle, energy, and confidence.

What I really liked was the app we used. I  was amazed on the breakdown of the food the app did. Once I typed it in, I thought wow, that has so much sugar or fat. I wasn’t aware of what I was eating till I did that. After doing the challenge, I’m still going to use the app to continue to work on my sugar and fat intake. Those are my two biggest problems.”
-Sheila Perez

After the Nutrition Challenge is complete, the members will take a final InBody to see the progress that they have made within the month. There are first, second, and third place winners. As well as a transformation winner.

Congratulations to Kelsey for 1st place! 2nd and 3rd goes to Sheila and Sam, then our transformation winner, Brenda!

Our goal is to teach people a way to balance a healthy lifestyle with eating, exercise, and other factors. We hope people to continue to use the knowledge they learned during the challenge in their day-to-day life!