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March Newsletter


Dear THRC Friends and Family,

From the crazy winter weather we had last month, I think I speak for all of us when I say we welcome the change of spring this month! March begins the time for spring cleaning, planting new flowers and shedding the sedentary habits developed over the winter.  

This spring, I am working on introducing new habits of my own.  For years I have been doing the same workout routine.  Although it has been effective, I have never focused on mobility or complex, dynamic movements.  I really wanted to be able to continue my lifestyle pain free and perform at a higher level in my own workouts.  

I started working with one of our trainers, Kenton to help me take my workouts to the next level.  It feels like a spring cleaning for my gym routine.  Having someone else program my workouts and take me through them has been eye opening.  I am doing movements with him that I never would have thought to put into my routine on my own.

I feel more mobile, more agile and look forward to my workouts.  I could not have accomplished mixing up my workouts on my own.  I encourage each of you to truly look at your fitness routine and see if this spring it is time to mix it up.  

We are here to help you become the healthiest version of yourself.  Try something new this month: take that yoga class, run our 5k or even speak to a trainer about starting a new program.  Spring is a time for planting the seeds and watching them bloom.  Plant the seeds for a better you this month.  

Yours in health and happiness,
Randall Lavender