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June Newsletter


Dear THRC friends and family,

Break out the river tubes and swimsuits—summer is here! Now is the time to show off those beach bodies we have worked so hard to get all winter long. Summer is a time to get active on the river, at the lake, hiking, biking, beach volleyball and all of those other activities we wait for all year.  

As we get more active, we take the chance at injuring ourselves in big and small ways. One of the reasons I personally choose to exercise is to prevent injury and feel better longer. I want to be able to do any activity I want with confidence and without pain. Mix up your workouts with a class focusing on mobility and always be sure to get in some strength training.  

As you slide into your summer routine make sure you make movement a part of everyday life. Come play basketball, lift weights or hop on the sand court. It doesn’t matter what you do, just get active for at least 20 minutes a day. Staying active year round will help prevent injury and increase daily energy.

Encourage your kids to get off the couch and away from those screens and get moving. Lifelong fitness habits are learned during childhood. Set your children up for success and teach them to have fun being active from a young age. Try to plan physical activities on vacations that the whole family can enjoy. If your kids see you getting healthy, they will too.

With summertime, comes summertime food. Don’t restrict yourself but remember to practice moderation. Try to mix in some healthy choices with the summertime goodies. Preparation is the key to making good nutrition decisions. Have healthy snacks like fresh fruit or protein bites on hand to make snacking easier for both you and the family. Most importantly, stay hydrated this month. Drink plenty of water while you enjoy some fun in the sun. Don’t leave the house without water.

If you need some extra help with your exercise or nutrition, never hesitate to ask one of our experienced staff members. If you do not make time for your wellness now, you will be forced to make time for your illness later.  

Yours in health and happiness,
Randall Lavender