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We are so proud of Tiny and all of his progress he is making! During the month of February, he met all of his goals. He is 21 pounds and 10.5 inches down from the start of his journey!

Tiny’s current personal record for his planks are at a minute and seven seconds, which surpassed his February goal.

I did my planks at a minute and seven seconds. I think my weigh in went well.I  But other than that it went well. February was a great month. But March is going to even better. I’m going to try my best and lose 10 more pounds. Thanks for all the help THRC!
-Tiny Simpson

Tiny’s goals for March is a minute and 10 second plank, lose 10 more pounds, and gain more mobility and strength in his left shoulder, which was hurt in a previous injury. Keep up the hard work! We believe in you!