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April Newsletter


Dear THRC Friends and Family,

Last month we focused on teamwork as a club.  We launched new group training programs, group workouts at both facilities and our staff worked together with an energy I have never seen to secure our spot in the Best of Hays.  We are rolling that collaborative energy into this next quarter and I am excited to share with you all the finished products from our team effort these last few months.

We had an amazing turnout and overwhelmingly positive feedback for our bootcamp and our mobilization classes.  It was exciting to see people taking advantage of the outdoor facility and doing something to get better together.  The energy in those groups is something you have to experience to understand.  We often forget in today’s world that there is something magical about people working together and especially working to build each other up and not tear each other down.  

After a year of isolation, we were ready to safely bring people back together.  It is so much easier to get back into the groove of fitness when you are surrounded by other individuals trying to accomplish that goal.  We evaluated our current group offerings and realized we wanted to make personal training available to more people. We are over the moon to be able to offer small group trainings!

Our whole training staff worked together to be able to plan and execute group workouts without interfering with our other current offerings.  This has allowed us to offer personal training more affordable making it available to every person who walks through our doors.  It makes our vision a reality to be able to change more lives through health and wellness.  If you have not had the opportunity to learn about our group training, please ask any of our employees.  

We are thankful for a community who has come together to overcome the obstacles of the last year and are excited to bring health back to our community.  We are stronger together and THRC is stronger with each of you as members.  Thank you all for your continued support of the Best Health Club in San Marcos!  

Yours in health and happiness,
Randall Lavender