“Mikey has a heart for personal training and helping people succeed. In the last 4 months, he has helped me in more ways than just seeing results. Having a personal trainer comes with many benefits. You create a friendship, you have a coach, you create a habit of going to the gym, and you have fun. In result, you see results if you work hard enough. I have never been able to stick to going to the gym on my own, which is why I partnered with Mikey. He constantly checked in on me making sure I was on track to meeting my goals. Although sometimes I didn’t feel like going to the gym, I had Mikey counting on me to not only be physically there but to kill the workout he had planned for me. The workouts Mikey planned always kept me guessing. The programs he designed help me maximize results. Were they always fun? No. Did I always feel better after doing them? YES! In our first 7-week program, I was able to gain a lot of muscle and strength throughout my body. My maxes went up tremendously in each muscle group by the end of the program. Let me tell you how great of a feeling it was to know you went up 65 pounds on your squat in 7 weeks! The main thing Mikey has taught me through our time training was to never give up and to keep pushing until the end. It was always a mind over matter for me. If you’re looking for a personal trainer who won’t give up on your and will help you achieve any goal you’re looking at conquering, Mikey is your guy!”



“Hello AJ Ayala here! My weight loss journey started about a year ago, at 320+ lbs and growing I knew I needed to make a big life change to live a fuller life and avoid what would have been certain medical issues.

I decided to join THRC mid-December with goals to continue my weight loss and to gain muscle mass. After losing a good amount of weight I felt my weight loss starting to plateau and even more concerning was under all that unhealthy mass was a definite lack of muscle. I had flabby arms, underdeveloped shoulders and no chest muscles to speak of.

I began my personal training sessions with Bradley in March, and my transformation started to take leaps and bounds forward. Bradley is an amazing personal trainer, that has been invaluable in navigating me even passed my own personal goals. Being overweight my whole life I set my original goal weight to 240 lbs (the weight I was my junior year in high school) thinking that would be great. Bradley’s encouragement, knowledge of physical fitness and nutrition that has fueled our sessions has pushed me way beyond my own goals. I am currently the fittest I have ever been (210lbs with body fat loss and muscle mass gains). At the end of each session I always feel a great sense of accomplishment because I know I had a great workout and had pushed myself further than I would by working out alone. When my personal training session ran out I was quick to renew because I am thrilled with my progress, excited to see what can be achieved and know Bradley will get me to my best self and believes in my potential.



“After some enthusiastic prompting from my husband, I signed up for yet another gym membership. I met with Brad for a training session to re-familiarize myself with the gym and to see where I would be starting from. His energy and cheering during that session left me feeling excited about getting stronger and healthier. I was quite disappointed in how weak I had become, not even being able to walk on the treadmill without both hands firmly planted on the grab bars. Brad would talk about how soon enough I would be running. Now, I am not only running but consistently bettering my time and speed. I am getting stronger. feeling better and looking better. Brad pushes with encouragement and reminds me how much better I am.

When we talk about my nutrition, he gives me suggestions. He encourages better choices without making me feel like I failed.

I must admit, I like the compliments from friends and family (especially those I haven’t seen since before we started), I look forward to check-ins for progress and I know it has come from working hard and not giving up. There was no quick fix pill involved, just lots of sweat and a few tears.

I look forward to each session knowing that he will be right there talking me out of the doubts in my head and pushing me to continue to be better.”


Screen Shot 2015-07-23 at 8.04.13 PM“Since I have spinal scoliosis my main goal is to strengthen my core muscles. I want to have a stronger and healthier body so that I can continue to be independent.

THRC is patient and encourages me to keep trying to do my best. I like that they explain what each new exercise is for and which muscles to focus on. They always have a plan for the session and that keeps things interesting. We discuss what I should do when I work out by myself and what I should be eating. THRC is very knowledgeable and I am fortunate to have them as my trainer.”





“I began my weight loss and fitness journey in September of 2014. After two kids and with increasing age, I had slowly packed on the pounds. I was to the point that I hated how I looked and felt. I finally decided to do something about it. I lost a large amount of weight through diet and by March of 2015, I was ready to get back in shape. That is when I joined THRC and started personal training sessions with Jake Woten.

Since then, I have continued to lose weight, but even more importantly, I can feel myself getting stronger and my body getting leaner. I can’t say enough good things about Jake! He has a special ability to push me to do things that I would have never thought possible. He always offers encouragement and support and will even call me out from time to time when I am getting lazy. He has a great sense of humor and he keeps the workouts fun. Jake not only provides his expertise to our workouts, but he also offers great nutritional advice. His guidance on my target carb, fat and protein numbers has been priceless. Plus, he reviews my macro numbers weekly which keeps me accountable.

I have never liked to exercise in the past, but I can now truly say that I look forward to my twice-weekly personal training sessions with Jake. I leave those sessions feeling terrific, with a great sense of accomplishment. I still have ways to go on my fitness journey, but thanks to Jake, I am well on my way! With Jake and all of the great people at THRC in my corner, I am confident that I can reach all of my goals.”



“Joining THRC and deciding to train with Brad is probably one of the greatest decisions I’ve ever made. 8 months ago, I would have laughed if someone told me that I would one day look forward to going to the gym, but I can honestly say that I wake up excited to go to whatever workout I have planned for that day! Prior to joining THRC, I had lost 60 pounds on my own and was seriously burnt out. I was so bored with my workouts and was ready to give up, but Brad helped change that! Not only did he encourage me to go to group fitness classes and change up my routine, but I truly felt like he believed in my ability to do those things. I’ve had trainers in the past who I feel like were just there because they had to be, but Brad has seriously shown that he cares and wants me to succeed. Every workout is catered to me with my goals in mind and varies each day depending on how I’m feeling. Brad pushes me to do things that I never thought were possible and I can honestly say that I walk away after each session feeling better than I did when I walked in.

I have been training with Brad for about 5 months now and am down almost 90 pounds since we started! My muscle mass has increased dramatically and my body fat has decreased by 13%. I seriously have never felt better in my life!

Not only does Brad care about what goes on inside the gym, but what happens outside the gym as well. He helps me out with nutrition and he has been a constant supporter in that too. Finding a healthy balance has always been a struggle of mine, but Brad has always been there to help with whatever I need without judging me in any way.

I can’t say that this journey has been a breeze. There have been great days and there have been days when I wanted to give up, but Brad has honestly been there as a constant encourager and has pushed me to keep going and accomplish my goals. It is an understatement to say that Brad is an amazing trainer. Seriously, TRAIN WITH HIM.

So happy to be a part of THRC fam and I can’t wait to see what is to come!”