100 Pounds Down!

I’ve done it, I have hit my 100 pound milestone! Wow, I have never in my life felt more amazing than I do right now! I still have those days where I feel like I don’t look like I want to yet, but I’m saving my life and it’s going to take time. I’m not perfect, no one is but let’s face it, I’ve lost an Olsen twin and I am so beyond thrilled. I just want to shout from the mountain top! I have been on top of the world since hitting my major milestone of 100lbs lost and I have never felt more amazing!

Since January I have learned so much, I have experienced so much and I have changed forever. I’ve learned one must get their calories in, and that eating right is the key! I now know that exercise can be fun, and I actually enjoy it! I’ve learned that when you think people in the gym are judging you, there’s a chance they feel the same way you do. I am no longer embarrassed to run on the treadmill, and work out in front of others, because who can judge you for changing your life?! Besides, only God can judge us anyway. I’ve learned that you should prepare your butt for cycling, or bring a cushion, and that Zumba is amazing and must be experienced by all. I see a family when I walk into the gym, and they support me throughout everything in my life. I’ve built everlasting friendships with people here and it’s like I’ve known them my whole life. I didn’t know what to expect when I started but this has surpassed anything I could have ever dreamed of.

Of course I realize that not everyone can afford a gym, and that an amazing opportunity like this is rare, but there are so many other activities you can do without a gym. Whether it be a walk for 30 minutes around your neighborhood, or just doing squats and lunges while you clean your house, it helps! And eating right doesn’t mean boring, you can make it fun, there are so many new and delicious recipes on Pintrest nowadays!

The one thing that always gets to me is that my grandma is not here to share this experience with me. For years she told me she was worried I may lose my life if I didn’t lose the weight. She always said I was beautiful no matter what, but she wanted me to be healthy and happy. She has always been in the back of my mind through this journey, and I know that if she were alive today she would be waiting at the finish line of my 5k with a huge smile on her face. I know she’ll be watching over me that day. I’m doing it for her, for all the women who have lost their lives to breast cancer, and for those that continue to struggle with this tragic disease. I’ll look up at the Sky and say this is for you Grandma, and when I finish I’ll say “We did it Grams!”

I’m so excited for the Susan G. Komen 5k on November 10th! I hope that everyone will make it out to support these amazing women. If you can’t make it to the run, you can always donate to the cause!

One hundred pounds feels so surreal right now! I’m definitely not used to attention or compliments, but I must say, I really don’t mind it I’ve had a lot of wonderful people come up to me and congratulate me on such an amazing accomplishment, and most I don’t even know. It all just goes to show you that there are still caring souls in this world. I look forward to the day when I can say “I DID IT!” I struggled and I pushed back! I persevered, I kicked butt, I cried my eyes out, and I complained, but I got stronger and I saved my life! This journey has meant the world to me, and I can’t wait to continue down this beautiful path of mine!

~ Meg

Fall Group Fitness Classes – what’s your fave?

Our new group fitness schedule is out and there are a ton of classes every day to keep you fit. I’ve chosen a few I’m going to try out starting TUESDAY – right after the last BBQ party of the season! (Yoga Fusion, Power Pump and Total Training)

Two new classes we have this fall are Yoga Fusion and Total Training…Yoga Fusion mixes Yoga and Pilates and is guaranteed to give you a stronger core and more flexibility. Total Training is 75 minutes of cardio (cycle), strength and stretching.

Check out the fall group schedule and print it out for the fridge. Circle the classes you want to take and try out something new!

Tell us in the comments below what your favorite class is or a class you want to try and I will give out a few class passes for non-members or friends and free smoothie coupons!

Looking forward…

As I close in on a 100 pound weight loss, I am reminded of all the struggles I’ve endured throughout this experience, and throughout life in general. There were days when I didn’t want to work out at all, and there were days when I just felt like giving up. Eating was a tough challenge for me, trying to make sure you have the right calories is tougher than one would think. I’ve had days when I look in the mirror and wish I was thinner, and I felt like I didn’t see a change. But I have changed.

I feel as if I’ve always been a caterpillar trapped in a cocoon, but now, I’m becoming a butterfly and I’m ready to fly free!

I know a part of me will always see the girl I once was, but now I have blossomed into a woman that I can be proud of. I move forward each day with who I’ve become, the person I’ve evolved into, and it feels so good. Nothing happens over night though, and things worth having in life, and goals you set for yourself, rarely come easy. I didn’t become overweight overnight, so of course slimming down was not going to be any piece of cake. As I continue to lose weight, I realize with every passing day this journey to my goal weight comes closer to an end, but with that end will come a new beginning.

I am so thankful for everyone I have met and continue to meet throughout this experience, each with their own inspiring stories that have all touched my heart. THRC has become my second family, and I never thought I would be blessed with this opportunity and all of the love and support I’ve received from this awesome team that’s been built here. I am quite excited to begin the next chapter in my life story, and I am looking forward to continuing to share my journey with all of you.

QUINOA – Not sure how to pronounce it but it sure is good!

I can’t remember how to pronounce it, but I LOVE Quinoa (kinwa) and our THRC trainers do too!quinoa-seeds

Packed with protein, fiber, vitamins, minerals and healthy fat Quinoa was declared a SUPER FOOD this year by the Food and Drug Advisory Council of the United Nations!

Quinoa is sold as a grain – and as a specialty grain that means it is on the top shelf, next to the couscous in the rice section of the grocery store.  BUT, it is actually a seed (which makes sense because seeds are full of protein!)  It cooks in less than 20 minutes and has a pretty neutral flavor so it mixes well with all sorts of foods and will go with just about anything else you cook.

If you can boil water you can make it as a side dish for chicken, fish, etc. Rylan just cooks it and adds a bit of lemon juice and eats it with chicken and a veggie.  I like to experiment with foods so I came up with new ways to make it. Right now, my favorite way to cook it is quick, easy and YUMMY!!

Ingredients for 4 servings:

  • 1 cup Quinoa
  • 1 cup of fresh pico de gallo
  • 1/2 can black beans (rinsed)
  • 1 shredded cooked chicken breast (I get a BBQ flavored deli chicken and shred the breast and use the rest later in the week)
  • 1 avocado
  • one lemon

Saute the pico in 1 tsp olive oil until heated and onions are translucent about 2 minutes. Add Quinoa and 2 cups of water. If you like salt add about 1/2 tsp. During the last five minutes of cooking, add the drained black beans and shredded chicken breast.  Top with sliced avocado and a squeeze of lemon juice. So good for dinner – takes less than 20 minutes and is full of protein and fiber. (400 calories, 25 grams protein, 5 grams fiber, 2 grams fat)


Try it out – if you have a favorite recipe let us know in the comments!  For more inspiration, I did a google search for Quinoa Recipes.

One small goal at a time – DO IT!

Changing your life, changing your habits, changing your health

It seems so hard and time consuming-planning and cooking healthy meals, making time to work out, running in the Texas sun, giving up flour tortillas, Whataburger and birthday cake…UGH!   Stop looking at health as a chore and look at it as one or two changes at a time.  Set a goal of one new change each week, or two changes a month.

How do you set a goal?  Where do you start?  Think about the goals you have already set and achieved in your life.  It takes four years to get through college, one class at a time, one test at a time.  You set goals for this to happen.  Did you get a promotion at work—same thing.  Raise a kiddo to start kindergarten or high school?  These are all things that are second nature, you have to do it, so you did.  It was important to you and it became your daily motivation.

That’s how health and fitness become not an obstacle in your way of a good time, but a daily habit that makes you feel more and more accomplished with results that pay off in the end.  And with fitness there is no end.  You can always set new goals. You will always get better results.  You will become a person who can’t live without a workout or a run.

At THRC I see some of the fittest people I have ever known in my life but they continually challenge themselves.  The 300 Workout some of our staff and clients participated in was a great example.  They worked toward a goal, then they worked toward achieving their goal faster and better.

Many people set huge goals for themselves but don’t think about the smallest steps it takes to get there.

I started training last November with the goal to gain strength.  After years of no exercise and a lot of enchiladas I had become weak and tired.  I was overweight, but my immediate goals were not to lose the weight, they were building muscle and endurance.  My trainer Sara helped me set realistic monthly goals and she inspired me during my work outs and during days when I was off to keep them.

One of my first goals was running a mile on the treadmill.  With plantar fasciitis, sciatic nerve issues and painful joints (excuses that my doctor told me could only be helped by exercise)  I started slowly, but within a couple of months all of my conditions were improved and I was working out three-four days a week.  My first mile time was 16 minutes.  A month later I did it in 14. This was HUGE for me! Now I’m working toward two miles in 25 minutes.   At the same time, we set a push-up goal.  On my birthday (Dec 9th) last year I could do only 5 modified push-ups.   During spring break I could do 3 regular pushups and now I can do 10.  My new pushup goal is 20.  I KNOW it will happen.

With my strength and endurance goals came weight loss.  Slowly and surely I have lost 18 pounds.  Sara pushed me to start eating a healthy breakfast and track my foods in a fitness app and it became easier.  I still eat enchiladas and maybe a few Dos Equis to wash them down, but when I do  I focus on eating healthier the next day – but sometimes that goes out the window and I decide cookies and milk would be a great breakfast option (UGH). But knowing I have been successful at my other goals gives me the inspiration to keep on keeping on!

So back to how you CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE:  Set a goal to run or even walk 2 miles, to do 5, 10, 25 pushups or to only eat one desert each week.  If you need some help to get started talk to one of our personal trainers who can assess where you are and make realistic goals for you. They want to see you succeed!

If you want more inspiration check out this post about our 90-year-old Silver Sneaker or keep up with Meg’s posts about how she is changing her life.

Let me know in the comments a small goal you can work toward this month and I will set up to three of you up with a FREE Personal Training Session with one of our trainers!

~ jodi

90 pounds and counting!!

So far this year has been the biggest struggle of my life, yet, it has also been the most rewarding. When I began my journey I was weak, or at least that is how I saw myself, with just a hint, a tiny glimpse of the strength I’ve now come to know. I am now more than half way to my goal weight, with nothing but strength, and my weakness stayed behind.

I have now lost 90 LBS and I’m better than I’ve ever been! Some days have been better than others, of course. There are weeks when I really struggle, but I always bounce back. There have been a few setbacks, illness, emergency surgery on my appendix, and recent tendonitis, but all of this has only made me stronger.

There will always be something.. work, family, or any kind of circumstance that can fall in the way of your path, but it’s just an obstacle, a brief roadblock. You need to push forward, find your way around, and know that you are stronger than whatever gets in your way. I have certainly found my courage and my way around these roadblocks. With each pound I lose I get that much stronger, with each exercise I gain more knowledge.

By telling my story, and by having this new courage to change my life, I have been able to help others. That means more to me than all the weight I have lost or could ever lose. I found my passion and what I want to do with my life, and for that I am truly blessed. It’s hard to believe that I’ve lost 90 LBS, and that I run at least 10 miles a week. I can’t believe I have truly changed my life like this. Sometimes it all seems so surreal! I am so looking forward to hitting my 100 pound milestone. This is going to be a major moment for me, and I can’t wait to share that with you all.

Now I look forward to each day of my life, rather than dreading it as I did in my past. I no longer wake up sad, and instead I wake up with the biggest smile on my face, wondering, what will I accomplish today?

~ Meg

Tap that FITNESS App!

I’m a self-proclaimed techno geek and in a world where smart phones go everywhere, including the gym and on a run, you can bet I’ve tried many of them out. I thought I would share a few of my successes with a variety of these apps. Since I use an Iphone, I am not positive these are available on other phones, but I bet most are.

Fitness: Walk/Jog distance tracker apps 

micoach app

MiCoach Workout chart

Adidas MiCoach:  I LOVE THIS APP!  I love that my lifetime stats scroll along the bottom of the screen and my monthly, weekly and daily stats are readily available. (I’ve walked/run 36:19 minutes since May 1rst- just using this app!)  The app tracks your history, distance, split times, elevation, pace… you name it!  It starts with a 15-minute assessment of your walk/run pace from a level 1 to a level 9 then uses your assessment to keep you on point during either pre-selected workouts or workouts you can create online based on your fitness goals.  I hate hearing I need to speed up but I love hearing I only have 30 seconds left of my interval.  I was really proud of myself for achieving a 6-minute mile pace for 3 minutes last week too! At the end of the workout it gives you a score of your performance and allows you to add notes.   If you go online and set up your goals it will remind you on your run days and guide you through the entire run.  It also gives you projected calories burned that you can easily add to your calorie tracker app.

Map My Run:  I’ve used this one and I like that you can save your routes and see other routes in your area – or even when you are on vacation etc.  It syncs well with social media so you can let all your friends (and enemies) know how far you have run and in how much time.  For me, this isn’t usually brag worthy!  My biggest issue is that you can’t set up your own routines, just routes and it doesn’t really coach you through it.  As my trainer Sara knows, I need somebody yelling at me!  Also, the GPS seems to lose connection more often than my other apps.

Workout Apps:  A facebook friend told me about Gorilla Workout ($3.99) so I downloaded it and tried it out.  It gives you 40+ body weight exercises in four different levels including cardio/strength intervals.  You progress through the workouts and levels and it says one day I will be able to do one-arm pushups.  Since I am notoriously perplexed about what to do next during my workout, I think this app is going to rock!  I love the coaching and the workouts are challenging but not impossible for my fitness level.   It was given all sorts of accolades by Apple as best fitness app.


Zombies Run ($3.99 for a limited time) Zombies RunI love Zombies and this app scares me to death!  With your headphones on you follow along with a continuing creepy story that has zombies running after you in interval fashion.  There are points that get pretty freaky and you literally have to sprint to escape the hoard of freaks.  You gain points based on skills and earn weapons, supplies and food.  You can save the world – or die trying.  It does get a little old though and I can’t get into it enough to want to use it every day, but some folks area apparently addicted to this game.

Gym Pact: (Free)

Get paid to make your fitness goals by users who lose money for not achieving theirs. app3

You connect the app to your credit card or PayPal account and then either “check in” at the gym or use the GPS tracker while on your walk/run.  You can set your own goals and pay amounts then you either earn or pay out if you don’t meet your goals set on a weekly basis.  I started this two weeks ago and I have already made $5. I need to work out 3 more times by Sunday and either earn $5 more or lose my $5.  I seriously see me using this to buy new shoes for my birthday! Since I work at a gym, I also see me cheating a bit… ooops!

Weightloss/Nutrition apps:


My Fitness PAL

My Fitness Pal

This seems to be one of the favorite apps out there with more than 30,000 foods in the database.  You can create your own foods, create recipes, add multiple foods at once, add frequently eaten foods in a hurry and see at the end of the day how many pounds you will lose if you keep it up which is really encouraging.  When I stick to this app I lose weight – every single time.  My biggest problem with the app is it can’t see what I put in my mouth and automatically log it for me.  Also, I wish it would let me change my ratio of nutrients to calories and track water, vitamins, etc.  It’s also sometimes a bummer to see my most frequently eaten foods when I start to log them so I stop tracking when I eat cookies or hamburgers or breakfast tacos on multiple days.  🙁app5

MyNet Diary:  (Free – Pro Version $3.99) This is a great app that lets you set your weight loss goals and tell you how many calories and micronutrients you need to achieve this.  Using the pro-version you can change the amount of micronutrients you want to consume. You can track your weight, hip and waist measurements and then track it with a graph and daily motivation.  At the end of each day it gives you a daily analysis to let you know if you ate too many cookies or your carb/calorie ratio was too high.  The only thing I don’t like about the app is there are a number of “user contributed” foods in the database and you have to make sure what you eat is accurate.  Today, the app told me the 3 cookies I ate for breakfast had 100 calories, but when I checked the package it said 150.  So be sure to use the actual database of manufacturers nutritional data.


I use Spotify and ITunes Playlists but sometimes I get bored with my own music or accidentally have something thrown in that is more suited to yoga than hill intervals, so my trainer told me to use Pandora’s Fitness Radio Playlists!  YAY – Classic Rock Power Workout, 80’s Cardio Mix, Country Fitness!  It’s easy to switch from Guns n Roses to Madonna.

MSC:  Couch to 5K or Ease into 5K – these apps are great for beginning runners and gives you a guided workout regimen to meet your 5K goal in an allotted period of time.  Many of my friends use them and love them.  I get impatient with these apps – if I can get up and get my shoes on and my butt out the door I want to be out on the road for longer than 20 minutes.  But,  I definitely think they are useful for those who need the motivation to achieve their first 5K.

NIKE RUN – basically the same as Adidas MiCoach except it doesn’t give you the opportunity to set up your own workouts which is essential.  It allows you to connect with your friends and with your social networks and let them know how great you are for getting out there! Apparently Nike has made some changes to the app since I used it and users aren’t as crazy about it.

If you have an app you are happy with that isn’t listed or you are looking for an app or more info about these apps just comment below.

~ Jodi

This week’s WOW (workout of the week)

Each week, one of our trainers comes up with a Workout of the Week for both clients and members and give them a 3-10 minute challenge!  if you want, you can do it with a trainer and they will put your time up on our WOW wall.  If you don’t feel comfortable doing all the moves let them show you a modified version.

Sara came up with this week’s WOW and so far, it has been very challenging. It incorporates every part of the body and leaves you feeling accomplished!

WOW – (2 rounds in order)

  • 10 Pullups
  • 10 Jump squats
  • 10 push ups
  • 10 floors on the stairmaster

come in and do our work out of the week and 20 minutes of cardio for a great, quick and fun mini-workout!   ~ Jon Ward

Welcome to the Change Your Life Blog –

Changing your life is a day by day process.

Anyone can set a goal and look far into the future and “hope” it happens, but we want you to see that CHANGING your life is about the day by day goals. Getting up, putting on shoes, doing three more pushups, driving past the Whataburger without stopping, taking a walk with the kids or the dog or the neighbor.

So, THRC San Marcos is here to bring you great fitness advice, stories from people who have changed their lives, words and pictures to inspire you, recipes, fun fitness ideas, and more importantly inspiration to take that daily step toward a healthier you!

You will see posts from me (training client turned marketing coordinator), our trainers, our “2013 Change Your Life Superstar” and more. Let us know what you want to see more of and share us with your friends. Everyone can be a little bit healthier.

~ JT

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