The new group fitness schedule is out at THRC and you are going to LOVE IT!!

47 Classes per week!  11 HOURS of Cycling and 9 HOURS of Zumba!!

We also have a great new class – BOSU Interval on Monday’s & Thursdays!

Bring your friends on Monday, January 27th for FREE!!! to try out any or all the classes for our Spring Training Camp Body Combat Launch!

Print the Spring 14 Schedule and post it on your fridge TODAY!

~ Jodi



Do You Even Stretch Bro?

Let me begin with a preemptive apology… I am sorry if when reading this rant that it is apparent that I have never written a blog post before. Truth be told I have never written anything for a blog!  But no matter how muddled my thoughts might be textually I will strive to collectively and coherently tell you of a personal tale of excruciating pain, slight abuse of minor opiates, and some busted butt cheeks.   This is the tale of the Tight Hip Flexors.

I mean, it sorta played out like one of those after school specials:  There was once a boy named Gabriel, he was good kid with high hopes and big dreams of lifting big and being strong… But then he got involved with a 180lb. tractor tire and well lets just say it did not end well for poor Gabe.  In the hopes of trying out a new form for flipping tires as fast as possible, Gabriel forgot the simple fundamentals of lifting anything heavy from the ground.  Unknowingly he was exerting his lower back and over working his hip complex in the quest to be the fastest tire flipper there ever was.  And like the hubris of any Greek mythology hero, Gabe’s new tire flipping form brought nothing but ultimate tragedy down upon him.  One day Gabe was easily clean and jerking 205 lbs. for several reps and the next he could not even get up from his toilet seat…. It was… the saddest bowel movement of his entire life.

Soon his life spiraled out of control.  He began skipping workouts, that’s where it first started.  He then sometimes went into complete denial about his injury and would attempt to deadlift or squat only to be back in even worse pain.  He then turned to drugs… just your easy/gateway stuff first…Tylenol Extra Strength, Bayer Back and Pain.  But when that didn’t do it anymore for Gabe he turned to the harder stuff.  Soon he was popping tramadol and a muscle relaxer to get through the pain (ok remember this is only a funny, exaggerated version of my story ha, Tramadol is actually safely used in conjunction with mild exercise to help relieve a sports injury and I don’t have a pain killer addiction lol).  Oh how could such a good guy go down such a dark path?!? Gabe was finally at rock bottom.  But just when it seemed all was lost, Gabriel was visited by a member of his gym by the initials of B.B.  Wise and completely devoid of self-pity, B.B. reminded him that you cannot simply give up when such a physiological road block occurs, you have to push past the pain no matter how severe, be patient because things won’t get better overnight, know that there will be up’s and down’s in your journey to recovery and to most importantly come to realize the cold-hard truth that you are in control of your body.  Through persistence, extensive knowledge and yes, even a little faith, there is no ailment on this earth that can bring you down.

Next day hetook one painkiller instead of the usual three, grabbed his mothers floor mat and drove his busted cheeks to THRC to attend their Tuesday Vinyasa Yoga class.  Gabe began to stretch. Two Yoga classes a week, two one-hour sessions of stretching poses which ignited the fire within his hip flexors and lower back.  Gabe did not want to do any of this.  Yoga is not for the huge and strong, the big lifters, or the ultra-athletes.  What is so hardcore (no pun intended) about full planks and tree poses.  But deep down he knew this is where he needed to be.  Little by little he felt the benefits of child’s pose, down dog pose, cobra and pigeon.  With each successive class his flexibility increased and soon his core strength began to get to where it sort of was before.  Soon the painkillers became a thing of the past, and instead of 10 mg of oxybenozite, he settled for 10 minutes on THRCs Hydrobed.  He combined some stretching poses he learned off YouTube (see there’s more on that site than just cat videos) to his Hydrobed regime which not only did this create added benefits to his sessions (combination self-myofacial release and static stretching) , but it just felt so damn good!  The pain subsided after 3 weeks and Gabe began to lift light again.  Gabe now still lives some residual pain but through persistence and knowledge just like B.B.’s advice stated, he is now on his path to full recovery.  He is not near 100% yet but he nears his goal every day.

So what is the moral of the story kiddos?  One, if you have a sports related injury do not be stubborn and ignore it,find steps to help it, fix it, or maintain it.Two, many sport injuries can be cured without the help of medication and constant doctor visits.  Don’t get me wrong, be sure to consult your doctor whenever you are seriously injured.  But if a rehab therapy regimes can be repeated at home or at a gym then save yourself some $$$ and figure out how to fix yourself(and don’t be lazy with the research either!  Really look into your sources and their origins). Three, if you are a member of THRC or any other health club for that matter and you are serious about improving your overall fitness/health then use all the resources at your gym’s disposal (I mean you’re paying for it might as well)!  Dont be so adherent to your usual workout regime, change it up!Check out a yoga or Pilates class to strengthen your core (Flexy, Back and Abs, and Vinyasa/Hatha Yoga), try out some speed and agility training to improve coordination and body awareness (Powerfit), and up your cardio and endurance threshold because this will definitely help you to lift more and improves overall fitness (Cycle, Interval and Total Training classes).  Fourthly, Amenities like the Hydrobed which are typically overlooked should be implemented as well.  If you are a current member of THRC and have not been on that Hydrobed you are missing out so big!  And dont get it twisted!  Yea I am an employee of THRC and am supposed to emphasize how great all our amenities are (which they honestly are) but I know that Hydrobed helped me out somuch yall!Please try it out whenever you have the chance, you won’t regret it.

Well that’s my story.  What I really hoped was that people would get some sort of help from reading this, especially those going through an injury of some sorts.  I want to open the realization that all you injured people should not just throw in the towel when it comes to fitness as well.  Keep moving and battle the pain in the quest to strengthen your current injury (but please first always consult your doc!)  Attached are links to some pics that show some great yoga and stretching poses for hip and lower back pain as well as pics that show my stretching exercises that I did while on the Hydrobed and the setting on which to put the bed on.Hopethis comes in handy guys and you can always catch me at THRC if you have any questions about my injury, my road to recovery, and my stretching regimen.

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It’s my party… and I will pig out if I want to!

Monday was my birthday!!!   1 year ago today I weighed 29 pounds more than I do today.  In that year, I met some goals, didn’t meet some goals.  Struggled and cried but bought jeans in a smaller size!  I didn’t drink enough protein smoothies and drank too much beer;   worked out at least four days a week for nine weeks in a row and then went nine weeks without exercise.  I then became addicted to cycle and power pump class and pretty much stopped drinking (beer).

Last year on my birthday I couldn’t run a quarter of a mile.  This year I can run 2 miles.

Last year I couldn’t do a pull-up.  This year I can do 10 assisted.

Last year I could only do 3 “real” pushups.  This year I can do 15 real and 8 more modified.

Last year I hated burpees.  This year, I SERIOUSLY HATE burpees.

I’m a little bit disappointed.  My goal was 40 pounds so I’m quite a bit off.  I hope to lose another 30 pounds in the next four months, but the truth be known, I’m lazy and have very little self discipline and get pretty discouraged easily.

Like today.  I’m discouraged.  I’m  down that I only lost 29 pounds in one year.  Actually, I lost 25 pounds in 6 months and then lost ONLY 4 pounds in the next 6 months.  Yesterday was my 42nd birthday and I weigh today 15 pounds more than I weighed when I was 9 months pregnant with my first born child.

But, yesterday I really didn’t give a rat’s behind what I weighed or how far I could run or anything else.  I stayed in pajamas, drank hot chocolate by the fire and did something I absolutely love to do – cook a huge country dinner and pig out.  I made roast, mashed potatoes, GRAVY, green beans with bacon and my favorite chocolate cake with 4 sticks of butter.  This morning I had chocolate cake for breakfast.

Then, today, one of my bff’s took me to lunch at one of my favorite restaurants – Corinos.  And even though I promised myself I wouldn’t – I did.  I pigged out again.

What sucks too, is that I feel bad.  I’m tired today.  I haven’t worked out.  My body feels full and just wants to curl up on the couch.  I’m on carb overload and am thirsty and have a headache.  I know it was the salt and the sugar and the starch and the gravy… but dang it was so so good!

I’m going to work out today – even if I just walk on the treadmill for 10 minutes.  I’m going to go home and have healthy dinner and drink the rest of my gallon jug of water.  I’m going to do the 25 Days of FITNESS workout tonight with my daughter in the living room and tomorrow morning I will be here for Power Pump.

I promise myself and now I’m promising you guys – I’m not going to pig out again till I lose 5 pounds… or until Friday when we have our THRC Christmas Party.  (see, no self discipline)

PS – if anyone wants the chocolate cake recipe let me know!

~ Jodi

My Date with the Racquetball Court!

A long time ago I read that men love dates where the two of you are being active and competitive.  Women like to talk and hold hands and watch sappy movies (not this woman, but some women) and men want to run and sweat and show you how strong they are.

Apparently, my man wanted to run me ragged on the racquetball court for 45 minutes and then try and show me up on the elliptical for another 10.

I’m naturally competitive and when he suggested working out together I was all about the cardio cause he’s big and strong – but I’ve been taking spin class, so I figured I could whoop his butt!  Racquetball was the perfect choice, obviously, because I played tennis one semester of high school…

WOW – since I haven’t played racquetball since the Reagan administration, I was shocked.  Not only can I apparently not hit a ball against a wall 2 times in a row, but I can’t run back and forth 10 feet at a time for more than 2.5 minutes.  THE BF, on the other hand, calmly lobbed balls against the wall with his 13 foot long arms while grinning and chuckling as he watched me move around like a newborn baby reindeer.  At one point he actually commented on the amount of non-existent air between my feet and the ground as I jumped up for the high shots.  Also, who knew a racquet weighs that much…

But, every single time he grinned and asked me if I was “ready to give up”, I jumped up from my sprawled out spot on the court and went back to it.  We didn’t keep score – I mean really, what is the point?  But after 45 minutes of this near death experience, I had gotten good enough to reach my goal of hitting the ball 6 times in a row and I decided it was time to show him my skills on the elliptical – you know, cause I went skiing twice in high school…

Since baby reindeer are indigenous (one of my daughter’s vocabulary words) to snowy regions, the elliptical was much easier for me to keep up with him and I lasted a full ten minutes before NOT giving up and told him I wanted to move on to the treadmill.  Unfortunately, I got an important phone call from someone claiming the warranty was out on my car, so we took a break from the fitness portion of our date and moved on to the healthy snack portion (peanut butter and honey on crackers)

But, for those of you trying to get some sweetie-pie time from your guy (or gal), you should know, that we both agreed this was probably one of the best dates we had had in awhile – not just with each other, but with anyone.  And we enjoyed it so much we went for a long walk together the next day and plan on playing racquetball again next week.

But first, I’m looking for someone to practice with a few times, because he is GOING DOWN!!!!

~ Jodi

Learn more about Trainer of the Month – Jon Ward


Jon – saving Ta-Tas!

Why do you love training?  Because I want people to feel healthier and more confident in themselves and I love to help people.

How do you work out?  Three whole-body circuit style training days and two days of running or basketball.

Favorite go-to meal:   Baked chicken, brown rice, green beans

If you were a piece of exercise equipment, what would you be and why?   Dumbbells, because you can take them with you anywhere and do any kind of exercise you want with them.

Top 3 most important secrets you tell your clients:

  2. The more I get to work with you, the more results I can guarantee
  3. Get enough rest for your body and eat plenty of good carbs before your workout.

Change Your Life Contest

Have you been looking for a kick start to get on the fitness train?  Or have you been diagnosed with an illness that has motivated you to change the way you think about health?  Maybe you have kids and want to finally get fit to show them a healthier lifestyle and keep up.

We know it’s tough – and it’s tougher than people think.  It’s tough to walk in the door of a gym.  Tough to admit you need a change.  Tough to believe you have to give up cheese and chocolate.

So we want to help.  Our staff truly believes we can Change Your Life.  We’ve seen it happen.  We’ve seen 60 year old overweight men lose 40 pounds and start playing racquetball once a week. We’ve seen mom’s complete marathons. Over the last year we have watchd our first Change Your Life Winner, Meg, lose more than 100 pounds and run her first 5K. We watch transformations happen all the time – and that’s what we love about where we work and where we workout!

So, beginning tomorrow, November 15th, we invite you to enter our contest to start your own life changing experience with us.  We want you here and we want to show you it CAN be done. Our trainers and staff will spend a year helping you, training you, motivating you, and changing your life!

Entries must be received between November 15th and December 15th.  To enter, send an email to or bring in an essay telling us where you have been on your fitness journey and why you need and deserve the opportunity.  Our staff will then choose entries to interview and determine commitment levels so we can choose a winner to get started in January.  You can also enter for a friend or family member – just be sure they are ready and willing to get started!

Good luck!!

Reverse the Holiday Weight Gain Trap with our Holiday Shape Up!

holiday-shape-up-imageI’m a comfort food freako – macaroni and cheese, mashed potatoes and cornbread dressing – I plan to cook enough for Thanksgiving to eat it all weekend.  My daughter Kati makes pumpkin pies and the Mimosas will be flowing from 5am when I get up to start the turkey!  And THAT is just the first weekend.  I’ve got a December birthday which is double whammy. IT IS CRAZINESS!!!  Plus, who wants to workout after stuffing themselves with 3 pounds of rum balls???

But, guess what – I lost 8 pounds last year Shaping UP over the holidays.  I was doing two personal training sessions a month and walking on my own twice a week. I came in 10 minutes early for my sessions and walked on the inclinator.  On New Year’s Eve last year I wore a pair of brand new black jeans and tall boots that before December did not fit my elephant-like calves (genetics, I think not).

The best part was my trainer keeping me accountable and making sure I came in and worked out even when I had been up till 2am working. (I worked at a music venue).  She even helped monitor my alcohol and cookie consumption and convinced me to put my jeans up next to my scales so I could motivate myself every day.  I lost 1.5inches in my butt and 2 inches in my waist.  IT WAS AMAZING!  It kickstarted my fitness frenzy and I continued personal training till summer and will start up again this spring.

SO, in honor of NO EXCUSES NOVEMBER – I asked Jessica if we could do a Holiday Shape Up Personal Training Special!  You save $250 off the normal rates for 12 Personal Training sessions, a daily motivational text/email, nutritional advice, and a personalized shape up plan to BLAST your butt into shape and get you in a pair of new jeans or that little black dress for a New Year’s Out on the town (or maybe just a new pair of pj’s for a night in).

So send an email to and I can get you more details or set you up with a trainer or just come in and ask about it at the front desk or from one of our trainers.  YOU CAN DO IT!!!!

Katy Roars – Jodi Shrieks!

I know you guys are probably sick of me talking about Cycle Class, but it is so hard for me to believe that something this hard can not only be this much fun, but this motivating.

First – I love the music. I don’t really listen to very much pop music or, actually, any pop music so it’s all very new to me, but  I do recognize a couple of songs from TV.   This morning, everyone was racing  along while Katy Perry Roared… and I Shrieked.  Literally.  I shrieked.  I scared Jessica to death!  That level 9 up a hill was just about to kill me and I felt the need to let it all out.  Believe me, I feel much safer in class knowing Jackie and Cadaleia from CTMC are right beside me.  She also played a song about a girl fitting into tight jeans- How inspiring is that!  There’s nothing that motivates me more than imagining myself squeezing into new jeans!

Second – I feel fit!  Every time a little bead of sweat drop  onto the floor, wait, I mean, as the streams of sweat soak the floor, I see just a little bit of my butt melting.  It’s like magic.  I actually feel skinnier the moment I get off my bike!   I also feel like jello the moment I get off the bike.  My butt cheeks no longer ache and I’m able to stand or “hover” and ride up the hills.  I feel it working my entire lower body and core and I’m sweating like a ___________ in church.  I have more energy – like 1000 times more energy and more confidence.

What I love the most though is knowing that I’m working toward a goal.  Every single time I go to the class and come down those stairs sweaty and shaky and craving protein, I’m smiling inside because I did it!  Every class I give myself a new challenge – whether it’s to continue cycling (no breaks) through the class, or to turn  my resistance up a bit higher, or to stand up through the stand up parts  like I’m supposed to.  I know if I continue I will be thinner than I’ve been in 7 years and stronger than I’ve been in 10 years and  even though my body is older than it has ever been, I can be fit and forty (something) and that makes me very very happy!

To clarify that point, after class I spoke with Elaine – 74 year old Elaine who cycles 180 minutes every single week – Monday through Friday.  She said, “My body used to feel bad every morning, but then I started cycle class and the only time my body feels bad now is the mornings I don’t go.”

This Thursday I’m going to try to make it to the morning Flexy Class before cycling – so I will have something new to report!

~ J

Fitness Summit!

Fitness Summit 2013!  Body Combat Launch!  So much fun!  Thanks to everyone who came out and donated and had a great time working out.  It was a beautiful day and a lot of fun!

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