Healthy “Bloody Mary” Juice recipe

Seriously people – it’s hard to beat a Bloody Mary on a Saturday morning, or perhaps a Tuesday afternoon… or maybe a Thursday night.  I love them – the spicier the better – bloody maryso I tried to figure out a good healthy recipe (sans vodka) using my Nutribullet!

Here is what I came up with!  SO GOOD!  It does have a little bit of sodium in it, but not nearly as much as a V-8 Juice. Put this all in your nutribullet or blender and blend – adjust your cold water to your thinness preference.  Pour over ice.  Makes enough for 2 people!  To add a bit of fiber and good for you fat try adding an avocado or a tblsp of ground flax seeds before you blend.

If you are a Bloody Mary fan this will rock your socks off.  A GREAT HEALTHY Start to your morning – any morning!

  • 4 Med sized RIPE tomatoes
  • 1/2 cup raw spinach leaves
  • 2 celery stalks (remove leaves)
  • 2 carrots
  • 1 Lemon (just the wedges)
  • 1 Lime (wedges)
  • 8 large bottled green olives (seedless)
  • 1-2 Tbsp Tobasco
  • 1/2 – 1 cup cold water
  • No more than 1/2 tsp of salt

What’s your favorite smoothie?  I’m bored with the same things and trying new recipes – let me know in the comments!




The Ugly Truth about Cheat Meals!

Everyone keeps asking me “what diet are you on?” and the truth is I am not on a diet, because diets is something you start and then finish. I am not starting a diet that I plan on finishing, I am making a life change.

What I am doing is eating clean, staying away from processed food, and making all of my meals fresh. But once a week I get to have a cheat meal, not a cheat day, just one meal. But in that one meal I can eat as much processed, pre-made meal, filled with as much yellow devil cheese I can manage.

I enjoy my new eating habits and believe my food now tastes and make me feel better then what I was eating before. But let’s keep things real, just because I now crave spinach salads, does not mean I don’t also crave a double meat double cheese hamburger with extra fries.

Friday night the night of my cheat meal comes and I have my double meat double cheese hamburger with my french fries and ice cream for desert. It all tastes so yummy and satisfying but then most of the time before I am even done with my cheat meal I start to feel my stomach become uneasy. My body has now become so used to the good healthy food when I put the unhealthy processed food in it, my body hates me and it punishes me.

So the sad truth about cheat meals is, you might be allowed to have a cheat meal and indulge in whatever you want, but that does not mean you are not going to have to pay for it one way or the other. Going through this process my cravings for Taco Bell and processed food are lessening. But sometimes you need that devil yellow cheese, and for those days, that’s why they invented TUMS.

~ Melissa

Let’s get physical!

Wouldn’t it be magical if we could just eat all the food we wanted and never got fat? It’s basically every girls dream…or well my dream at least. Unfortunately that’s not how life or eating works. Eating healthy and eating clean is very important like I mentioned in my last blog. While eating healthy is very important too, you need that other half that will really kick start your weight loss journey. I’m talking about everyone’s favorite activity- EXERCISE!

When you’re new to working out, it’s best not to try and go super hard and try to be advanced at first. I know we get all excited and you’ll work out twice thinking you should already get results, but it takes just a tad bit longer than just two days.  It takes at least four weeks for you to start seeing results and 12 weeks for others to see your results. Start off easy and light and as time goes by, introduce some new work outs and variety.

 Girls, don’t be afraid of lifting weights! Woman DO NOT have the hormone that men do to gain such huge muscles, so I promise you, you won’t turn into the Hulk. I’ve been lifting weights since high school and if you’ve seen me around the gym, I would like to think you guys don’t think I look like the hulk. Now I don’t lift super heavy all the time. I usually lift about four times a week if school isn’t super hectic, and one of those four days will be a total body day with heavier weights and I incorporate my harder work-outs. To be honest, I don’t do cardio anymore, but I’m starting to get back into it!

Cardio isn’t just about running, doing cycle or the elliptical. Ladies, we need to break up with that super comfortable relationship you have with the elliptical. It’s not that it doesn’t do anything for you, but your body most likely has become accustomed to it and so it may not be doing as much as you think it is. There are other forms of cardio like jump rope (probably hard to believe) and the stair master (hell on earth). Or if you truly love to run, try mixing it up! You can do quarter of a mile sprints and in between each of those, go do a full body work out in between. One of our former personal trainers, Rylan Kennedy, taught me one just like it…let me just say I threw up, BUT it hurt so good!

 Also, we have really great classes here that incorporate great cardio throughout the 55 minutes and targets different muscle groups, like our new bosu ball interval class. I went in there the first time because my friend and our personal trainer, Molly Mihovil, asked me too and I’ll be honest I thought it was going to be pretty silly. Let me tell you though, it kicked my butt so hard and I was extremely sore the next day. If you feel discouraged to do a class on your own, just force one of your girlfriends to come along!

If you don’t want to do the class and they aren’t as tough as you want them to be, we also have bootcamps that we hold as many times as we can throughout the year. They usually are during the summer time when it’s nice and hot to work-out outside and living in Texas, we definitely work up a sweat just standing outside. They are open to members and non-members and at least 4 times a week during the evening. It’s a fun way to meet more people at the gym and there are a lot of partner work-outs too that are completely directed by our personal trainers.

If that doesn’t work, don’t be discouraged to ask one of the employees here at the gym to help you out or work out with you! We all work at a gym for a reason and one of our passions is being healthy. Just remember, dieting and exercise will just be a temporary thing, but training and eating can become a lifelong lifestyle. So it’s up to you to choose!



Michaela Shares the Group Fitness Low Down!

Group fitness is exactly what it sounds like; a bunch of people come together to work out and support each other.  THRC has the best environment that I have been in.  The instructors are nice, caring, and fun and will definitely give you a great workout whether you want cardio, endurance, or just want to relax a little (that’s right, some of the classes are relaxing!).  Here is just a little something about the classes I have taken here.

Body Combat reminds me of boxing, kickboxing, Tae Bo, and whatever else you can think of combined.  You get to punch and kick your bad day and aggressions away while shuffling your feet and ducking so that you miss the punch that’s thrown your away.  Now don’t say no to the class because you don’t want a bloody nose, you will never get one since you aren’t punching at each other but you might if you’re practicing uppercuts and hit yourself in the face (which I have been known to do a couple of time).

BOSU Interval is a new fun class that will get your heart rate up and will work on your balance.  The whole class was spent going back and forth between BOSU balls and the floor, doing squats, push-ups, step-ups, and all that fun stuff.  At the end of the class, we lined the BOSU balls up and one at a time, we would jump up onto the ball and down to the floor and continue down the line until the end.  You will probably feel your legs for the next day or two.

Cycling is the type of class that you will love it and hate it at the same time; I was breathing heavy and my legs hurt within 5 minutes of starting the class.  You will go from a slow jog to a sprint as fast as you can to climbing a hill all to the beat of good music.  You also get to control the resistance of the bike and nobody will ever know.  If you need a new cardio workout, try cycling and take at least 3 classes!  The first time I tried, I hated it and thought I was dying but now that I’ve done it a couple times, it’s become “easier” even though it still kicks my butt!

Flexy is a class that focuses on increasing range of motion.  It is similar to yoga in the way that you feel relaxed and de-stressed after the class but you will continuously be moving in and out of stretches to hopefully get deeper into them and every so often we would come out of a stretch and move into some core exercises.  It is a great class for everybody no matter how old you are or how flexible you aren’t!

Power Fit and Abs & Back kind of reminded me of HIIT.  The two classes combined is a 50 minute workout that will get your heart rate up and you will be drenched with sweat.  We were set up in different stations and doing stuff like atomic push-ups and jumping lunges and the agility ladder was even set up to work on our coordination.  Each station was between 30-60 seconds then you had a few seconds to get to the next station.  The last 20 minutes are spent only working your core. We did 30 seconds of two different exercises then a little break then right back into another two workouts.

Power Pump is not your typical group class.  There was no cardio but it was like a big group personal training session.  For someone who has never lifted weights or is intimidated by the weight room, COME TO THIS CLASS!  You will get a full-body work out and you won’t realize how much you are actually doing.  We did about 4 sets of 25 reps on most of the exercises but I did not add 2 and 2 together and the next day I realized I did 100 squats and 100 bench presses and so forth.  Now I am 25 and the instructor is twice my age and is in so much better shape than I am!  It is inspiring and will make you push yourself that much harder so that you can be like her!

Silver Sneakers Classic and Yoga are great 45 minute workouts for anybody who has any injuries or who are overweight and have done any sort of exercise and even the older population.  The majority of the class consists of people who are older but they are a spunky group of people who give the workout 100%!  There are chairs that you can use for stability or if you can’t do anymore, you can sit down for a little bit and just move your arms.  They use bands and balls a lot so they get some resistance training and in the class I took, we held a ball between our legs to work those inner thigh muscles.  If you need something a class with a lower impact, this is the class for you.

Yoga, yoga, yoga, what to say!  Personally, I am not a huge fan it.  I get anxious and giddy and nervous doing yoga.  I do, however, know people who swear by it.  I have taken all three classes and I really enjoyed yoga fusion and Hatha over Vinyasa. Vinyasa starts out with breathing and then moves into a ton of different poses that are held for 20-30 seconds if not longer.  Hatha also started with breathing and when we got to the poses, it was more inhaling out of them and exhaling into them so that you could try and push yourself a little deeper into the pose.  Yoga Fusion is a fun, relaxing class that will also get your heart rate up.  It is a good mixture of yoga and Pilates; the one class I took focused on strengthening balance and core but the instructor said the following week would be a little more yoga.  Yoga is supposed to be about relaxing and de-stressing so I will continue going to classes so that I can try to experience the full benefit of it.

Zumba, oh Zumba….who hasn’t heard of Zumba and Beto these days?!  This is one class that everyone loves!  The first song or two, you’re embarrassed and in the back but then halfway through the class you bust out like you’re in the club and go crazy. Latin, pop, club, R&B, even some country thrown in every now and then, you will dance away and won’t realize how fast your heart is beating.

Ask the Trainer – Sara

 IMG_6357_1600x1067Q1 –  For a female How do you tone your arms without making them bigger because of muscle?

Don’t be afraid of making your arms big with weight lifting; women do not have the body type or hormones necessary for that kind of muscle growth.  The best way to tone muscle is to endurance train within a weight range where you can do 12 or more reps of a weight range.  Make sure your last rep or two is difficult, but not impossible.

Q2   Do you have to diet and exercise at the same time or can you start with one or the other. Cause it seems overwhelming to tackle both at the same time. Gotta lose at least 100 lbs.

Both diet and exercise will get you the best results. If you are overwhelmed, I would start with a nutrition plan and slowly add exercise because good nutrition is the key to weight loss. Start your workouts twice a week and as you progress and get used to your program then start adding more days in the gym.  You don’t want to skip on exercise because you want to add muscle which helps burn more body fat. Nutrition and exercise is a lifestyle change and it is hard work.

~ Sara

Do you have a question for one of our trainers?  Check out our Facebook page each week and ask yours.

Victory Dresses!

Taking the quote from the poster in the training room, “Winners make goals, Losers make excuses.” I have set goals for myself, in the form of dresses and I have picked out 2 victory dresses to help me achieve my weight loss goals.

The second victory dress is the one in the picture that is black with the sparkle bow in the front, and It is a size 2x. The back story on that dress is, I love to wear sparkly dresses that stand out. When I bought the dress I was not 100% about it, but my friends told me I could pull it off so I bought it! One night when we where heading to the square I put on my spanks and went out in the dress and that is the only dress I have ever worn where I felt embarrassed to have on. I felt ashamed, I felt everyone was looking at my huge belly and making fun of me. I felt everyone’s eyes on me saying the same thing “You look hideous and obese in that dress.” So when I got home I was so depressed, I took the dress off and never wore it again. It a size 2x and hopefully very soon I will feel comfortable and ready to achieve my first weight loss goal with my victory dress.

My first victory dress is the white Marilyn Monroe inspired dress. I was 16 years old in the picture, ready to go to prom my junior year. It is such a beautiful timeless dress, I felt so inspired and beautiful in it. That’s why I picked it for my final victory dress. I am going to work the hardest I can to be able to get back into that dress and achieve this goal. It is a size 10 and I am currently a size 20. That’s 10 dress sizes to go, but I know with all my training, dedication and the help and support of everyone reading this I know I can reach it.

I want to thank everyone at this point with all the support that you have given me. Thank you to the people who have reached out to me through Facebook messages and coming up to me in the gym. All of your words of support has really ignited my fire with the beginning of the challenge, thank you for keeping me going. I can’t wait for more change and getting into my victory dresses!image image

Objects in Mirror are Fatter than they Appear

One of the most hated aspects for me about any gym is always the mirrors.  WHY OH WHY do fitness centers have to have a mirror in every single imaginable spot?

Is there really anyone in this world who wants to watch themselves squat, all red faced and sweating in the WRONG places?  Sure you can check if your form is correct or not and you may see a ripple in your muscle that wasn’t there two weeks ago,  but you also see yourself sweaty and gross and hurting.  Every time I watch myself do a squat in the squat rack I realize that everyone in the gym knows exactly what I looked like while in labor with my children – they may not be aware of that, but ooooh, they do.

Today, I mistakenly chose my bike RIGHT NEXT to the mirror in the cycle room.  When Jessica told us to check our form, I looked over expecting to see myself spinning away with a straight back and loose arms.   BUT, since I also made the mistake of wearing cheap knit yoga capris, my view was less than flattering and I forgot all about looking at my form and nearly cried looking at my thighs.

Okay – actually, I did cry.  Right there in cycle class with the room dark and Michael Jackson singing and other women happily spinning along, and Jessica yelling in her chipper way to keep going, I was crying because I don’t look perfect. Because my thighs looked like a gone-wrong foodie experiment involving cottage cheese and sausage casings.

But, one of the most IMPORTANT lessons I’ve learned from working at THRC is that all of us have these hang ups. My thigh hang up is somebody else s waist issue… and etc.  So if you are like me, a negative freako who can’t go two days in a row being happy with herself – you have two choices – come to the gym and cry in spin class or stay home and do nothing.  You may not like the way you look in the gym mirror, but at least you are at the gym doing something about it!

What’s your hang up?

~ jodi

What to eat or not to eat…that is the question!!

Along with all the amazing training sessions,  THRC is also training me on how to eat healthy, clean, balanced, and yummy meals!  So after my first week of training Sara and I headed to HEB so she could teach me one on one how to shop for food that will keep me strong and healthy and help me lose weight.

At the end of our trip, my shopping cart looked extremely different than usual!

The first thing Sara taught me was shopping along the walls is key. The healthiest and most nutritious natural foods are located in the produce section, the fish section, meat and poultry section, and dairy section.

Sara said the golden rule for eating right is “fresh food is the best food” so the majority of our trip was spent finding food that I could make fresh. I like quick meals (that’s what got me into the shape I am in now :/ ) so making fresh meals didn’t make sense because in my mind fresh does not equal fast. But Sarah showed me how.

She also laid down the rules of food shopping!

1) The fat calories should be less then half of the total calories

2) Sodium levels should never be above 2000 a day

3) Yellow/orange cheese = the devil

4) All white cheese = heaven!

5) No more pasta for Melissa 🙁

6) Whole wheat wins every time over regular (white) wheat. This is true for all grains like rice too. (look and make sure the first item in the ingredients is “whole wheat flour”)

7) Stay away from prepackaged meals.

8) Pre-portion your snack food

10) Pre-portion your meals

We started off tackling breakfast, I LOVE breakfast and I loved eating a quick breakfast sandwich before work. I used to eat jimmy dean sandwiches that were only 350 calories each. In my head I was thinking “oh ya I get to keep eating my breakfast sandwiches that are so tasty” they are low calorie and can’t be bad………. I was wrong. Each sandwich has 400g of sodium in it. So instead we bought all the healthy ingredients and I am now making my own sandwiches before freezing them so they are exactly the same but healthy!

At this point Sara helped me realize I had been making semi-healthy choices as far as calories, but my sodium (or salt) intake was way out of line. So many of my normal items I was eating she would say “well the calories are ok”, I would get all big eyed and excited, but Sara would look at the sodium and say “nope, put it back!”

Then we moved on to lunch and dinner foods. I work in tech support and get to work from home so making fresh lunches is a little easier for me than most people. I had always loved my Lean Cuisine meals and would buy four a week. Although Lean Cuisine is better then McDonald’s “fresh food is always better”. Again we stayed along the walls and got fresh salmon and chicken breasts, fresh vegetables like Broccoli, Green beans( which I got free with a meal deal! HOLLA), snap peas, a huge bag of spinach salad and lot of carrots. We also got whole wheat flat bread, marinara sauce and mozzarella so I could make fresh healthy pizza!

Then we turned to my snacks. Jessica, Sara and all my trainers want me to eat healthy the best part is I get to EAT MORE TOO! Sara assigned me snack times halfway between each meal to help keep my metabolism working the entire day, and so I am not starving for lunch and dinner.

We picked healthy snacks like roasted almonds, blueberry granola, banana chips, and my favorite-peanut butter! Then we got little snack baggies and when I went home I pre-portioned everything out into bags, so when I have a snack I am not eating the entire bag of banana chips. They also called these my “purse snacks” because these snacks are easy and small so I can place them in my purse to
always have healthy snacks at my fingertips. The easier you make it to eat healthy, the better chance you have at achieving it!

Going through this week with my new eating schedule and diet has been a great surprise. The time it is taking me to cook is about the same time it would have taken to heat up a meal before. My meals are more flavorful and more filling. The best part about it when I am done eating I feel full of energy instead of heavy and tired. It feels great putting great nutritious food into my body.

Don’t get me wrong I still look at Taco Bell and want to go in and eat everything they have.( I do get a cheat meal on Friday, so Taco Bell here I come !! ) Jessica explained it like this, you can’t not go out and not eat unhealthy things because in this world
it’s just a part of it, and if you try to stop eating everything unhealthy then
you will fail because that’s not realistic. But you can change the way you eat
and enjoy the unhealthy world we live in better and smarter !

So with all my new eating habits, and with the knowledge I have now about food, and how to eat right, pre portion my snacks and meals, I hope I will soon see the pounds start to fall off !!!
~ Melissa

Note – so far Melissa has lost 5 pounds!

BODY COMBAT LAUNCH & “Spring Training Camp”

IT’s time once again for our Body Combat Launch – when our Body Combat instructors teach the new moves for the season. Body Combat is soooo much fun and a great way to get out some aggression and BURN some serious calories.  At THRC we make the Launch Day as fun as possible and give guests the opportunity to come try out group exercise classes all day!  With 11 classes to choose from beginning at 5am and ending at 7:30pm there is definitely something for you and your friends to try!

This year we are doing a baseball theme so come in in your favorite team gear or buy a cool new THRC ALL STARS baseball shirt!
Check out the flyer for more info!


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